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Another strange problem

Posted by ruggb 
Another strange problem
June 28, 2020 09:35PM
I have a late 2.0 buxfix and a CoreXY printer. Specifically bugfix-2.0.x.a173f33 downloaded on 6/18/20
I just noticed something very strange and wondered if someone could see if it is happening on their printer.
While I am printing a large disk on the first layer with the head moving Xmin to Xmax and the Y motor only stepping when it reverses direction, I am getting a loud click sound about 1/4 of the way back to Xmin. There is the same click but less loud going the other way again about 1/4 way back.

I tracked it down to the Z stepper. When I put my fingers on the stepper pulley it feels like it is getting a short step pulse, not enough to execute a step.
It is now filling in the other direction on layer 2 and the stepper is clicking about 2x/sec. It is not stepping, it just feels like it is getting weak step pulses.

I cannot hear it now as I could on layer 1, but I can feel it pulsing.
It is on layer 3 now travelling in the same direction as layer 1 and it is loud again, but not getting the 2x/sec as it did on layer 2.

I do not know when this started and I will probably have to regress my build to find out.
But if anyone with a late build of 2.0 bugfix could observe this and let me know if it is happening elsewhere I would appreciate it.


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