Delta + marlin - Hopefully the last problem
July 01, 2020 12:43PM
Hello- With this printer I seem to be solving one problem only to immediately find another (almost certainly because I do not fully understand the system) . i finally got everything sorted and carried out a few test prints ( 8 No, 30 x 30 x 10 boxes ) and satisfied myself that they were actually 30 x 30 x10, so far so good. I now recompiled the firmware to include the EEPROM settings not altering anything else, built and uploaded it with PlatformIO (the board is a 32bit SKR V1.3) but now it will home perfectly but when given any instruction to move away from home, be it manual control in Repetier or Pronterface or the LCD or a stl file put through Cura the hot end dives straight to the bed and is only stopped with the emergency stop button. i tried a new card and re-installed the firmware but no difference. I've never encountered anything like this before so am at a loss to know where to start looking for a solution, any help will be greatly appreciated.
Re: Delta + marlin - Hopefully the last problem
July 01, 2020 12:57PM
This is the main reason why every change in firmware gets a different named folder and name so I can find the ones that work and delete the one that do not.
Unless I want to try an make changes to a modified firmware then I leave a text file inside the folder of planed changes to be make or changes that have been made.

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Re: Delta + marlin - Hopefully the last problem
July 02, 2020 07:37AM
I keep a copy of the firmware.cur file each time a change is made so that I can revert to a "working" file should anything be wrong. For this machine I have 10 firmware.old.cur files but the problem persists across all of them now and this is since the addition of the EEPROM to the system. My next move is to delete and reinstall the programs PlatformIO, Pronterface and Repetier to see if that makes a difference, if that does not work then I will revert to Smoothieware I think.
Re: Delta + marlin - Hopefully the last problem
July 07, 2020 12:30PM

do you have Win10 with vscode and platformio ?

if you want to make like new installation don't forget c:\users\Your user\.platformio
(phyton and some source like stm32 -- c:\users\Your user\.platformio\platforms\ststm32)

also don't forget to upgrade phyton cause of folder name depht problem.
Re: Delta + marlin - Hopefully the last problem
July 08, 2020 05:00AM
I do not use Windows at all, and the only Microsoft software I use is Codium not VSCode. In case you have not come across it before Codium is an open source version of Code with all the temetery stripped out (but you can opt to send info to the maintainers if you wish) I use Linux (in different flavours) on all of my computers, I find Linux much faster and easier to use and much more reliable added to which there are no annoying compulsory "updates" to have to put up with!
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