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Trigorilla Pro on Marlin

Posted by rq3 
Trigorilla Pro on Marlin
August 09, 2020 06:31PM
I successfully loaded Marlin onto the Trigorilla Pro board in my Anycubic Predator delta. To get it to compile I had to add the line "board_build.core=maple" to the trigorilla_pro environment in the platformio.ini file. When the Predator booted, the display was upside down, so I physically rotated the screen which solved that problem.

Next, the printer would not properly probe or calibrate until I changed the nozzle height to 456 mm, (from the default of 427mm) and recompiled. After that, all was well, and the printing was fantastic!

Now, in attempting to jump from Marlin to Marlin 2.0.6 (which directly "supports" the Predator and its Trigorilla Pro board), the touch pads on the screen have moved to the top, and reversed left to right. If I could rotate the displayed information 180 degrees (but NOT the touch areas), all would be well. I would just have to physically place the screen back the way it was originally.

I have spent roughly a week, and probably 30 re-flashes of new Marlin compiles, trying to solve this. The compiles under Platformio go fine, but the Trigorilla Pro just doesn't like the resulting firmware.bin file.

Any input would be immensely appreciated!
Re: Trigorilla Pro on Marlin
August 12, 2020 07:50PM
Problem solved, so far. Marlin 2.0.6 is so far unusable on the Trigorilla Pro board, but the latest bugfix (8/12/20) is. You need to modify the platformio.ini file to reflect the trigorilla_pro environment, and use the examples:delta:anycubic:predator files modified as follows:

enable and change the Y offset for the touchscreen to 75

rotate the display 180 degrees
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