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SKR Pro v1.1 SD card issue

Posted by Lyrex 
SKR Pro v1.1 SD card issue
December 07, 2020 03:20AM
Hey everyone,

last weekend i added a new silicone heater (450W) and a new 600W PSU to my DIY printer. Before it printed fine all night long without any issues besides the bent heated bed.

After the little update the first two prints came out fine but now i can't print from SD card via my LCD anymore because it will just kill the print and the display says "Media inserted". I think there is something wrong with the serial connection while under load. If heating up, I can touch the display cable and the display is going crazy and clicks etc.

I tested the following displays: 12684, 2004, Mini MKS with four different cables and three sd cards. Same behavior with all parts. I can print without any issues when connecting the PC and use e.g. pronterface.
I tested also an external MOSFET to reduce the load on the mainboard.
Voltage is constant at 24V in idle, while heating and while probing.
While heating up my NEOPIXEL status led has no smooth transmission but is kind of flickering, which is also new.

I am on the latest bugfix-2.0 branch of marlin and running the SKR Pro 1.1 with TMC5160 in SW_SPI mode.
Hopefully anyone can support me to sort this one out. If any info is missing, give me a hint.
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