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Marlin 2.0 bugfix MKS_SGEN_L+TMC2208

Posted by comprof 
Marlin 2.0 bugfix MKS_SGEN_L+TMC2208
December 22, 2020 06:37AM
my story is about TMC2208, not original I think,but...
when I compile marlin with TMC2208_STANDALONE my printer hangs when he wants, drivers very hot - i can cook with them, small parts may be printed...
when i compile marlin with TMC2208 display says "Communication error" and prints normall, not heating so much, with same mA config in marlin.
but my drivers work in UART if i use m2 jumper, no need any other things(driver didn`t have any soldering points near chip)
when i use jumper its change only microstep
what can I do to use that function in full mode?

Attachment comment:
Uart mode:
Uart mode can be used on mks gen_l(v2.x),mks sgen_l,skr1.3/1.4 by set jumper cap like below:
MKS Sgen_L / MKS Gen_L:
open | download - Hbe4a7efcfa9b47aa8970b4c4e47d1480o[1].jpg (135.6 KB)
open | download - H497ea9255cd94d67b166c14f032eb137K[1].png (53 KB)
Re: Marlin 2.0 bugfix MKS_SGEN_L+TMC2208
December 29, 2020 06:36PM
sry, my eyes is joking on me....
XUART jumper is near - answear
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