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Jerk on G00 or G01 moves? (Pen Plotter)

Posted by Ohmarinus 
Jerk on G00 or G01 moves? (Pen Plotter)
December 23, 2020 05:28AM
Hi, I'm working on my DIY pen plotter again, trying to improve some artifacts that are present in my drawings. Now my machine is designed to do high speed drawing, but at the beginning and end of each line the lines have some squiggle in them.

I tried raising jerk settings to 15, lowering accelleration from 3000 to 1500 but this didn't improve anything. Then I realized my gcode was fully generated using G00 moves (non print moves) so I figured, maybe I should change the print moves to G01 in order to keep the lines nice and smooth. That also didn't improve a thing.

Would there be some way I can generate a pen plotter specific jerk test file? Anyone has some ideas? And I'm wondering, since I'm not using any slicing software but a simple SVG > gcode converter, might that make the precision worse? I figured the jerk was handled by Marlin so the gcode doesn't really matter.

Some background info:
Rigid frame CoreXY
Aluminium motor mounts
Sturdy corners
Tight belt
Lightweight skeleton carriage (Z-raise motor mounted on the frame driven with a bowden cable)

I don't see any mechanical reason for it to cause squiggly lines at the beginning and end of each line. The effect is very minimal, but when zooming in to the drawing it's clearly present. I can supply some images if needed.

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