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Z not homing

Posted by hradford5 
Z not homing
January 10, 2021 03:11PM
I just upgraded an Ender 3, with a MKS Gen L v1.0 & a TFT touchscreen, to use an EZABL Pro.

I flashed the firmware, and updated the firmware on the touchscreen for auto leveling.
But when I try to home all axes, or just the Z, the Z moves up, from it's current position approx 5mm and stops.

What do I need to change in Marlin to fix this?
Re: Z not homing
January 10, 2021 03:56PM
I'm a dummy, I flashed the wrong file to the printed (the same firmware that was already on it)

But now that I've got the correct firmware loaded, it is setting the Z home at 11mm above the plate!

I've got it correct mechanically, is it possible there is something else I've got set wrong in Marlin?
Re: Z not homing
January 12, 2021 02:10PM
It's normal for the Z axis to end up 10-11mm above the bed after homing. If you look at the LCD it should show that value for Z. Homing is not "move to 0,0,0", it's "find out where 0,0,0 is". As long as the printer is correctly showing the right value for Z at the end of homing (it should be 10 minus your z probe offset) then the homing was successful.
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