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Marlin - Printer Stops with "Thermal Runaway Protection"

Posted by speedup 
Marlin - Printer Stops with "Thermal Runaway Protection"
February 05, 2021 10:54AM
Hi Guys,

I am experiencing a really strange issue. My printer is running Marlin on a SKR 1.4 turbo. Since a few days a specifc print always stops at the exactly same position. The hotend temperature starts decreasing slowly without purpuse and the the printer stops due to "Thermal Runaway Protection".

Recv:11:33:15.985: T:245.31 /245.00 B:90.27 /90.00 @:86 [email protected]:0
Recv:11:33:16.984: T:245.31 /245.00 B:90.20 /90.00 @:86 [email protected]:0
Recv:11:33:17.985: T:245.31 /245.00 B:90.17 /90.00 @:101 [email protected]:0
Recv:11:33:18.984: T:245.62 /245.00 B:90.10 /90.00 @:62 [email protected]:0
Recv:11:33:19.985: T:245.31 /245.00 B:90.07 /90.00 @:104 [email protected]:0
Recv:11:33:20.985: T:245.00 /245.00 B:89.97 /90.00 @:105 [email protected]:33
Recv:11:33:21.985: T:244.69 /245.00 B:89.93 /90.00 @:114 [email protected]:11
Recv:11:34:00.985: T:230.75 /245.00 B:89.76 /90.00 @:127 [email protected]:56
Recv:11:34:01.986: T:230.50 /245.00 B:89.80 /90.00 @:127 [email protected]:60
Recv:11:34:02.986: T:230.25 /245.00 B:89.86 /90.00 @:127 [email protected]:58
Recv:11:34:03.986: T:230.25 /245.00 B:89.97 /90.00 @:127 [email protected]:18
Recv:11:34:04.986: T:230.00 /245.00 B:90.03 /90.00 @:127 [email protected]:16
Recv:11:34:05.885: Error:Thermal Runaway, system stopped! Heater_ID: 0

I have of course checked al cabeling and connectors - everything seems to be fine. I also cannot imagine that it is a cabeling issue because that would happen more randomly.

Two prints - same stuck at the same position. One was printet through Repetier Server, the other one through the printer display.

I also turned the part by 90 deg in the slicer and printed again - same result.

That really causes me some headake.

Does anyone have an idea how to further investigate or solve the issue?

Re: Marlin - Printer Stops with "Thermal Runaway Protection"
February 05, 2021 05:40PM
It's possible that one of the wires going to the hot end heater cartridge is broken inside the insulation, and when the Z axis reaches a certain point insufficient current flows through the heater cartridge so the hot end can't hold temperature. Marlin is turning the heater cartridge on full blast (the "@127" in the temperature output) so this has to be something mechanical/electrical. The SKR 1.4 has LEDs on the board that show the signal going into the bed and hot end MOSFETs - if the hot end one is on solid while the hot end temperature is dropping it's a smoking gun for an electrical issue rather than a firmware one.

The fact that it happens at essentially the same place points to a flaky wire. I use silicone coated "noodle" wire with many conductors specifically to avoid issues with fatigue in the wiring.
Re: Marlin - Printer Stops with "Thermal Runaway Protection"
February 07, 2021 03:04PM
Hello smiling smiley
As you are printing at relatively high temperatures (245º), the error could mean that your printer cannot keep up the temperature.
As a safety feature, while printing(this does not include heating at the beginning of your print), Marlin halts the printer if the actual extruder temperature is xxºC under the target temperature for xx seconds, as it assumes your heater fell out of the hotend.

This would make sense as the printer halted 1s after the extruder temperature was 15ºC below the target temperature. The reason why this happens at a specific point of your print is likely because at that part slighly more filament is extruded or fans are turned on, and this makes the hotend cool faster.

To solve this, try printing slower and/or at a lower temperature, or change the settings of this safety feature(not recomended) in the Configuration.h file and upload again your code (this involves basic programming).

Another problem which happened to me but seems less probable to cause your issue is related to your bed temperature, as with my printer when the bed was set at higher temperatures the driver/transistor on the mainboard would overheat and cause the printer to stop.
Hope this helped winking smiley

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