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Bed leveling API for THC

Posted by solhaga 
Bed leveling API for THC
February 22, 2021 09:03AM
I am thinking of using bed leveling as THC for a plasma CNC.
My idea is to fake the bed leveling calibration and then use the bed leveling API when moving across the "bed".
Instead of returning a value from the bed level calibration matrix at any given X and Y values, I was thinking of returning a Z adjust value based on the difference between the wanted torch voltage and the actual.

Is the bed level calibration value, that is the adjustment in Z, returned in real time, that is only based on current X and Y values and then added/subtracted to/from the Z layer height?
Or is it calculated based on the bed level calibration matrix when reading a G1 string?

I hope for the former.

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Re: Bed leveling API for THC
February 23, 2021 08:21AM
I've opened a GitHub issue instead.
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