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Ender 5 Plus/Hemera Direct Drive and BLtouch

Posted by Deelow 
Ender 5 Plus/Hemera Direct Drive and BLtouch
February 24, 2021 01:05PM
First I want to say thank you to those who have helped me so far on Discord and Facebook. I have a problem and I can't seem to figure out why.

I upgraded my hotend from stock to a Hemera DD https://e3d-online.com/products/e3d-hemera-direct-kit-1-75mm used tinymachines firmware from github for mainboard and screen flashes. It seemed to work ok however the probe moved too far left and almost smacked off. So I looked around and the default seems to be a right mount for the probe. Instead of changing my setup I looked into compiling a fresh version of the mainboard firmware. I have probably built and uploaded 50 to 60 different versions, in between each reverting back to the original base tinymachines Hemera firmware. I'm using this https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:4550007 mount which closely resembles the stock mount. I measured out the offset and it's 33mm nozzle to bltouch and about 3mm forward and 0 on height. I've entered and tried about 20 different configurations without going too far outside the box for fear of ruining my printer. I have a basic understanding of how Visual Studio works and PlatformIO. I've even written a review/guide that thoroughly goes over the entire process of upgrading the hotend.


I need someone to either teach me Marlin or show me what I'm doing wrong when building the firmware. I appreciate any insight you can offer.
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