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Initial layers 'squish' wrong direction.

Posted by hubsy 
Initial layers 'squish' wrong direction.
March 13, 2021 09:40AM
I'll try and explain what I mean.
tronxy X5, Marlin bugfix 2, but had same problem with 1.9

Bed auto levels, using BIQU level senor. Glass tronxy bed
Z homes to the middle of the bed.

3 x 3 grid.

rear 7.14-7.29-7.34
mid 7.76-7.74-7.78
front 7.26-7.50-7.07

Laying a steel rule confirm that the middle X is lower than the outsides.

Printing a test raft, the rear and front are thick, measure at 0.35mm. But the middle is very thin, measured .25mm.

Get the same results if not using a raft.

I would have expected the middle layers to be thicker, and the front/rear layers to be thinner.
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