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Posted by DaHai8 
March 19, 2021 10:11PM
Anyone have experience with AUTOTEMP in configuration_adv.h

I want to be able to reduce the hot-end temperature if the print speed drops below a certain speed (like below 10mm/s).

From the comments in that section, I'm not sure it can do that.

Thank you.

 * Automatic Temperature Mode
 * Dynamically adjust the hotend target temperature based on planned E moves.
 * (Contrast with PID_EXTRUSION_SCALING, which tracks E movement and adjusts PID
 *  behavior using an additional kC value.)
 * Autotemp is calculated by (mintemp + factor * mm_per_sec), capped to maxtemp.
 * Enable Autotemp Mode with M104/M109 F S B.
 * Disable by sending M104/M109 with no F parameter (or F0 with AUTOTEMP_PROPORTIONAL).
#define AUTOTEMP
  #define AUTOTEMP_OLDWEIGHT    0.98
  // Turn on AUTOTEMP on M104/M109 by default using proportions set here
    #define AUTOTEMP_MIN_P      0 // (°C) Added to the target temperature
    #define AUTOTEMP_MAX_P      5 // (°C) Added to the target temperature
    #define AUTOTEMP_FACTOR_P   1 // Apply this F parameter by default (overridden by M104/M109 F)
March 20, 2021 01:32AM
#define AUTOTEMP_MIN_P -5 // (°C) Added to the target temperature
#define AUTOTEMP_MAX_P 0 // (°C) Added to the target temperature

might work...
nothing in code that I can see that will complain about negative numbers
April 26, 2021 04:51PM
How long has auto temp been around? Is this something I can just disable? I don't like the way my hotend is behaving in Marlin2. Autotune seems not as good. My hot end temp does strange things and I've changed the temp sensor and reran autotune without improvement. Thinking maybe this section of code (auto temp) is a possible cause.
April 29, 2021 04:12PM
#define AUTOTEMP_FACTOR_P 1 // Apply this F parameter by default (overridden by M104/M109 F)

set this factor to 0 , this will turn off the autotemp feature. If it is not 0 then autotemp will always turn back on.

you can set the 0 in the config for compilling or you can set the factor to 0 on your printermenu and save settings.
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