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Firmware 2.2.x compiling error

Posted by moutinho 
Firmware 2.2.x compiling error
April 13, 2021 07:10PM
Hi all,

I am trying to compile the Marlin firmware 2.2.x version.

I know about the Arduino IDE linking error related to long filenames, so I am using the Arduino CLI "Nightly" version.

Also running the Cmd.exe as administrator.

I am having the following compiling error: Anybody help help?

c:\users\moutinho\appdata\local\arduino15\packages\arduino\tools\avr-gcc\7.3.0-atmel3.6.1-arduino7\bin\../lib/gcc/avr/7.3.0/../../../../avr/bin/ar.exe: c:\temp\arduino-sketch-03B319767649EEEEAC127D5DB281EFB3\sketch\src\HAL\shared\backtrace\objs.a: Permission denied
Using library LiquidCrystal at version 1.0.7 in folder: C:\Program Files (x86)\Arduino\libraries\LiquidCrystal

Error during build: exit status 1


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Re: Firmware 2.2.x compiling error
April 14, 2021 02:27PM
Please, do yourself a favor and stop trying to use Arduino. Switch to VSCode + PlatformIO: Install Marlin with PlatformIO - it is much more reliable, faster to compile, and produces better compiled code.
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