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Strange extruder motions

Posted by moutinho 
Strange extruder motions
April 13, 2021 07:17PM
Hello all,,

I have changed the extruder of my Tevo Tarantula and had to change the direction of the stepper motor in the the firmware. Just changed the CHANGE_E0_DIRECTION define in a firmware 1.1.x source code I had already used with sucess.

Now a very strange thing is happening when I print a gcode model created by Simplify3D.

The filament advances almost 10 cm outwards when printing starts.

I have looked at the gcode and the problem happens just the line after the command G92 E0 that resets the reference of E0.

G92 E0
---> G1 X82.462 Y23.760 E0.0074 F1800 <----- Strange E0 motion happens here

The gcode generated by the repetier does not have this problem when printing (it does not use the command G92 E0).

It seems that this command generates a negative reference of about -10 cm for the filament.

I have calibrated the Extrusion Esteps/mm parameter.

Any idea to solve this?

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