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Reset to factory settings

Posted by Quantum5150 
Reset to factory settings
April 16, 2021 01:48PM
Hello I didn't feel like a newby but I just cant get My Geeetech A20M to print. I flashed the firmware with a couple different versions from GitHub. I added a 3d touch to help me with bed leveling and I am very frustrated.
The 3d touch is the only reason I jacked with it. When I received the printer it printed the cat sample perfect. I have had aDa Vinci Aio, Geeetech build your own Prusa pro and a Monoprice mini. I dont mind fiddling with it but I cant seem to figure out how to flash the firmware correctly. I have watched a ton of YT videos followed the directions from Geeetech instructions and no go. I just want to reset to factory settings and manually level the bed and PRINT something.

Thanks for listing to my rant. Any suggestions will help.

PS I did search for a listing like my own I didn't find any so sorry if this is the millionth time someone else has asked same ?
Re: Reset to factory settings
April 17, 2021 08:49AM
something like this

Or this

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Re: Reset to factory settings
April 19, 2021 03:04PM
Thanks for the links. I did a cold pull but it didn't help. There was some clogging in the second B tube. I guess I have been out of this for too long. I can't get the 3d touch to work. I unplug it and still can't get it right. When I follow the video from Geeetech for the firmware change to add the 3d touch I load the firmware successfully. Then I understand up to the point that they say set Z back to zero for the second time and save settings. I check visually to see if the hot end is .3mm from bed, but it's not it's higher. But it wont let me adjust closer. I can raise the nozzle but not lower it with the offset.

I guess there are no dumb questions as they say. Thanks for the patients a nooby requires.

Re: Reset to factory settings
April 20, 2021 07:23AM
if you can't lower it, that's because you're against SOFT_ENDSTOPS... you can disable them for Z setting and locking them after saving your Z to EEPROM.
check out this video it should help you get your offset

Re: Reset to factory settings
April 20, 2021 04:41PM
Thanks for the reply. I didn't realize that automatic bed leveling meant I would have to learn how to use G code and about EEPROM. I am getting closer to the top of the learning curve tho. I forgot how much fiddling was involved with 3d printing.

Thanks again.
Re: Reset to factory settings
April 21, 2021 07:00AM
Well, you don't necessarily need to know GCode but it definitely helps to speed up and better control the process... I'm also a noob so no worries grinning smiley
You can also have both auto and manual leveling which is useful, you need to make sure that mesh leveling is on and as well as whichever ABL you use, i.e linear/bilinear/UBL...

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