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7 Axis 5D printer

Posted by HendrikJan-5D 
7 Axis 5D printer
May 02, 2021 08:40AM
Hello All
I am new to the this forum.
And building a 7 axis 5D printer ,( see Video ).
With a BTT_GTR_V1.0 motherboard plus BTT_M5_V1.0 extension and TMC2209 drivers.
With Marlin2forPipetBot developed by DerAndere1 I can home and control 6 axes (and printing in 3D)
The further development of Marlin2forPipetBot has been stopped and Forked to Marlin-6axis_PR1
When I configure Marlin-6axis_PR1 I get compiler errors when I choose TMC2209 for the axes I, J, and K instead of A4988.
This problem arose after rewriting Marlin2forPipetBot to Marlin-6axis_PR1
Errors have been made in settings.ccp and Trinamic.ccp.
I don't have enough knowledge of C++ software to solve this.
Can someone help me.


open | download - config files 6axis_PR1.zip (289.3 KB)
Re: 7 Axis 5D printer
May 02, 2021 09:11AM
At the moment the only real viable firmware for that many axis is Reprapfirmware.
As you see the 6 axis support for marlin is pre alpha

Marlin can do extruders by the bunch, but not actual axis
Re: 7 Axis 5D printer
May 27, 2021 02:23PM
The problems have been solved with the help of DerAndere1.
And can I control the 6 axes.
See the sequel of this on github.
Re: 7 Axis 5D printer
May 27, 2021 09:46PM
DerAndere1 is the one pushing 6 axis into marlin.
Re: 7 Axis 5D printer
June 05, 2021 02:57PM
The 6 axis support was now merged into MarlinFirmware/Marlin bugfix-2.0.x.
For details regarding configuration, visit the Multi axis Marlin wiki at https://github.com/DerAndere1/Marlin/wiki
Re: 7 Axis 5D printer
August 17, 2021 05:03AM
I made a video to show you the hardware test of 6 Axes
Marlin-bugfix-2.0.x Version 02000901

Re: 7 Axis 5D printer
August 17, 2021 05:11AM
... looks promizing! thumbs up

Is the firware ready to drive a "Parallel Scara" with a pan/tilt table too? ... have all the parts here and will eventually start to assemble it ...

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Re: 7 Axis 5D printer
August 18, 2021 01:31AM

I have no experience with a "Parallel Scara" printer with pan/tilt table.
But if I were you I'd just build it.
Marlin-bugfix-2.0.x is for testing if it works.
When I started building my 7 Axis 5D printer, there was no working firmware yet.
But with the help of the marlin development group it all worked out.
I also found the last bug of the 7th axis.
A bigger challenge is finding / developing a suitable slicer for 7 axes
Good luck building

Re: 7 Axis 5D printer
August 20, 2021 03:22PM
On my 7 Axes 5D Printer I have a
BIGTREETECH TFT 70 V 3.0 dual mode touch screen.
With this I can control the X , Y and Z axes via menu buttons.
I also want to make menu buttons for the axes A , B , C and D.
Does anyone have experience how to do this.
Re: 7 Axis 5D printer
September 05, 2021 05:42AM
Here is a video of the progress of the Marlin 10 Axis software developments.

By DerAndere1

I have tested the hardware for 10 Axis control and bed leveling.

Powered by BIGTREE GTR V1.0 and M5 V1.0 expansion

10 Axis and 1 Extruder with TMC2226 drivers

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