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Marline ignores EndStop triggers

Posted by sairfan1 
Marline ignores EndStop triggers
September 14, 2021 04:15PM
I setup Marlin with X, Y & Z axis, when I home the machine it homes properly, but in case I move the any axis before homing it does not stop on Endstop trigger. Please note that while homing the machine it takes help from end stops and stops when reaches at end.

I can see end stop LED shows up, but motors keep moving, is there some configuration I need to update?
Re: Marline ignores EndStop triggers
September 14, 2021 06:16PM
By default Marlin only checks the end stops when homing. You can change this behavior with ENDSTOPS_ALWAYS_ON_DEFAULT or the M120 gcode, or you can enable NO_MOTION_BEFORE_HOMING and/or HOME_AFTER_DEACTIVATE to ensure that motion does not occur before the printer knows where the home position is.
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