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Help with Configuration IDEX machine Marlin

Posted by KoenP 
Help with Configuration IDEX machine Marlin
September 15, 2021 10:50AM
Hi Folks!

Does someone have an example configuration.h and configuration_adv.h for an IDEX configuration?

I have never configured a Marlin before and I keep on getting errors on compiling. Something with the axes.......

Thanx! spinning smiley sticking its tongue out

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Re: Help with Configuration IDEX machine Marlin
September 15, 2021 07:57PM
These error have nothing to do with IDEX

You have changed the number of LINEAR_AXES to 4, so you need to go and update all config lines that have settings for those axies.
eg #define AXIS_RELATIVE_MODES { false, false, false, false } must become #define AXIS_RELATIVE_MODES { false, false, false, false, false }

For IDEX look at #define DUAL_X_CARRIAGE in Configuration_adv.h

IDEX is not a truly independent axes. You don't change LINEAR_AXES for it

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Re: Help with Configuration IDEX machine Marlin
October 08, 2021 05:15PM
Hi Guys,

I managed to get all the errors out on compiling. I got the printer working on 1 extruder. Now I want to add the function for the second extruder and the IDEX configuration.
But I get confused with the positions. I made a sketch of how the printer is build:

How do I translate that to these settings in Configuration_adv.h:
 * Dual X Carriage
 * This setup has two X carriages that can move independently, each with its own hotend.
 * The carriages can be used to print an object with two colors or materials, or in
 * "duplication mode" it can print two identical or X-mirrored objects simultaneously.
 * The inactive carriage is parked automatically to prevent oozing.
 * X1 is the left carriage, X2 the right. They park and home at opposite ends of the X axis.
 * By default the X2 stepper is assigned to the first unused E plug on the board.
 * The following Dual X Carriage modes can be selected with M605 S:
 *   0 : (FULL_CONTROL) The slicer has full control over both X-carriages and can achieve optimal travel
 *       results as long as it supports dual X-carriages. (M605 S0)
 *   1 : (AUTO_PARK) The firmware automatically parks and unparks the X-carriages on tool-change so
 *       that additional slicer support is not required. (M605 S1)
 *   2 : (DUPLICATION) The firmware moves the second X-carriage and extruder in synchronization with
 *       the first X-carriage and extruder, to print 2 copies of the same object at the same time.
 *       Set the constant X-offset and temperature differential with M605 S2 X[offs] R[deg] and
 *       follow with M605 S2 to initiate duplicated movement.
 *   3 : (MIRRORED) Formbot/Vivedino-inspired mirrored mode in which the second extruder duplicates
 *       the movement of the first except the second extruder is reversed in the X axis.
 *       Set the initial X offset and temperature differential with M605 S2 X[offs] R[deg] and
 *       follow with M605 S3 to initiate mirrored movement.
  #define X1_MIN_POS X_MIN_POS   // Set to X_MIN_POS
  #define X1_MAX_POS X_BED_SIZE  // Set a maximum so the first X-carriage can't hit the parked second X-carriage
  #define X2_MIN_POS    80       // Set a minimum to ensure the  second X-carriage can't hit the parked first X-carriage
  #define X2_MAX_POS   353       // Set this to the distance between toolheads when both heads are homed
  #define X2_HOME_DIR    1       // Set to 1. The second X-carriage always homes to the maximum endstop position
  #define X2_HOME_POS X2_MAX_POS // Default X2 home position. Set to X2_MAX_POS.
                      // However: In this mode the HOTEND_OFFSET_X value for the second extruder provides a software
                      // override for X2_HOME_POS. This also allow recalibration of the distance between the two endstops
                      // without modifying the firmware (through the "M218 T1 X???" command).
                      // Remember: you should set the second extruder x-offset to 0 in your slicer.

  // This is the default power-up mode which can be later using M605.

  // Default x offset in duplication mode (typically set to half print bed width)

  // Default action to execute following M605 mode change commands. Typically G28X to apply new mode.

Thanks for looking in to it smiling smiley
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