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G34 (Auto Z Align) Probing Failed, Aborted.

Posted by CVRIV 
G34 (Auto Z Align) Probing Failed, Aborted.
November 01, 2021 05:30AM
Oh my goodness. For the life of me I can't figure out what's going on here. I trying to get my machine to auto align the z steppers.

Firstly, I attached my config files. I don't know how to retrieve or log debugging info so I attached the error my display is showing me.

My machine uses 4 steppers for the z axis. I'm very nearly sure I did everything right, but I'm getting this probing failure. I made so many changes to the firmware to try and alleviate the failure but I'm still unsuccessful. My probe work fine as I'm able to home the machine and I can even level the bed. For whatever reason, the machine won't align the z steppers.

This is so annoying. Please help with suggestions.

EDIT: I forgot to mention that I'm using Marlin and my control board is a BTT Octopus V1.1. The bed size is 310 x 310 and the machine is CoreXY.

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open | download - Configuration.h (108.3 KB)
open | download - Configuration_adv.h (166.6 KB)
open | download - 1101210510_HDR-1024.jpg (92.7 KB)
Re: G34 (Auto Z Align) Probing Failed, Aborted.
November 01, 2021 05:50PM

Re: G34 (Auto Z Align) Probing Failed, Aborted.
November 01, 2021 07:19PM
It could be the order of the motors - you need to make sure the positions of the motors Z1/Z2/Z3/Z4 match the order of the points listed in Z_STEPPER_ALIGN_XY or if you're using auto point selection you need to set Z_STEPPERS_ORIENTATION correctly.
Also, if you're specifying the points using Z_STEPPER_ALIGN_XY you need to make sure all points are reachable.
That said, I know that 4-motor leveling has had problems in the past - I know that some issues have been fixed but there still may be some corner cases that have issues.
Re: G34 (Auto Z Align) Probing Failed, Aborted.
November 01, 2021 07:25PM
So here's an update. I shelved my blue machine and started finishing up the other two machines. Those two machine auto align the z steppers fine. LOL. I will double check to make sure the z steppers are in the correct order. Im going to check to make sure the BLTouch connections are good too, but the BLTouch works for homing and bed leveling as well so this is weird.
Re: G34 (Auto Z Align) Probing Failed, Aborted.
November 01, 2021 08:07PM
So the order of the z steppers are all in the right order across all three machines. G34 works for two machine but probing fails immediately for the one machine. I swapped out the BLTouch of the faulty machine with one that works and there's no change. the BLTouch sensors all work. I have to check the BLTouch wire for the faulty machine now. I hope its not the board. Like I said though, the probe works for everything else except G34.
Re: G34 (Auto Z Align) Probing Failed, Aborted.
November 02, 2021 10:25AM
Ok. I swapped out the Octopus board of the faulty machine and installed another one and now that machine works fine. There has to be something wrong with the control board. I have no idea what's going on with it because like I said the BLTouch works for other tasks. sucks.
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