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Fan MUX Help

Posted by Eddiie 
Fan MUX Help
February 07, 2022 10:19PM

I have a printer that has a SKR Turbo, Marlin 2 and it has 2 hotends and 2 part cooling fans.
Can someone share a link with me on how to connect the second part cooling fan so it turns on when the second extruder feeds?
I think you need to use the FanMUX. If there is a tutorial around about how to use the fan mux .. I just want to add a second fan, not 3, 4, 8, 16 but still it seems the fanmux is required.

Currently I have it marlin configured fanmux pins configured...

#define FANMUX0_PIN P1_00  // PWM
#define FANMUX1_PIN P0_26  //  PWM
#define FANMUX2_PIN -1     // Removed comment on 9/28/2020

Where fan1 is connected to P1_00 and fan2 is connected to P0_26 but this, of course, does not work.

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Re: Fan MUX Help
February 08, 2022 11:12AM
I use a simple G-Code in start/end G-Codes to start my fans

M106 P0 S128 ; P0 = 1st Fan
M106 P1 S128 ; P1 = 2nd Fan

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