acceleration of the motors
March 03, 2022 07:32AM
I have a question concerning Marlin and its G-Code.

Between each point that the extruder has to drive to, there will be a certain acceleration.
Is there any Info on how exactly each point is driven to? I have found out that there is a max and a min acceleration that is defined through M201 and M204.

Why isnt it a fixed value?

Im asking because I need the information of the Extruder behavior depending on what G-Code he is driven too.
Re: acceleration of the motors
March 29, 2022 12:20AM
Grossly simplified explanation ...

Almost all head movement is caused by either a G0 or a G1 command.

G0 commands assume that the head/tool/extruder is NOT doing any work and is just travelling. It uses the DEFAULT_TRAVEL_ACCELERATION.

G1 commands assume that the head/tool/extruder is doing something. It uses the DEFAULT_ACCELERATION.

The PLANNER module looks at the sequence of commanded moves and builds a sequence of movement blocks. Each block has a starting speed, an ending speed and a
commanded feed rate. In the simplest situations, the motor accelerates/de-accelerates at the fixed rate from the starting speed to the commanded feed rate, continues at max speed as long as possible and then de-accelerates to the final speed.
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