Delta bed leveling doesn't work
May 05, 2022 02:10PM
It is about several months I'm involved setting up bed leveling for my delta printer
It level the bed,I store settings but when I start printing the result is awful one side sticks to the bed other side no
I tried different version of marlin but It not fixed,I can't use my printer
I use micro switch as probe
my hardwares are skr pro V1.2 and tmc2130 V3.0
photos and config are attached


open | download - (91.2 KB)
open | download - leveling.txt (131.2 KB)
Re: Delta bed leveling doesn't work
May 05, 2022 07:05PM
I always use babystepping to fine tune the first layer during the skirt phase. I set my skirt lines to at least 6 so that I have time to play with the babystepping.

Personally, I use UBL bed leveling rather than bilinear just because I can use the G29 tools to edit the mesh points and the G26 command to see where the mesh needs to be adjusted.
Re: Delta bed leveling doesn't work
May 05, 2022 08:37PM
On older version of marlin firmware you have to manually enable bed leveling data using startup G-Code in slicer this is place in after the last G92

M420 S1   ; Bed Leveling On

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Re: Delta bed leveling doesn't work
May 14, 2022 03:24PM
thanks for your reply
I tried ubl bed leveling but still first layer is awful
what I understood is that because I use sensorless homing some times the print hight changes between 0 and 0.5 mm
maybe it cause the issue!
Re: Delta bed leveling doesn't work
May 14, 2022 04:13PM
Then enable babystepping and Probe offsets.

In Configuration_adv.h enable "#define BABYSTEPPING:
Additionally you could enable "#define BABYSTEP_ZPROBE_OFFSET"

Used babystepping for quite some time while printing a skirt around you will have enough time using the LCD control to nudge nozzle into the perfect height.
Using the Z_Probe offset you can adjust nozzle offset before print start, this is in newer version of Marlin 2.x.x my 1st choice.

Computer Programmer / Electronics Technician
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