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SKR1.3 Z is broken

Posted by isacat 
SKR1.3 Z is broken
May 27, 2022 07:56AM
Hi, my Z connection is broken, stepper is ok, can I conf marlin to use the free E1 on my board to be used to replace the broken Z?

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Re: SKR1.3 Z is broken
May 27, 2022 08:49AM
Yes this is simple!

In marlin open your pins folder for your controller card and exchange the pin numbers for broken Z with the Pins on E1
This will change the status of E1 to work as the new Z driver and the broken driver Z will be unused it not connected.

This has worked on my controllers though it is possible that more damage was caused an this exchange may not fix the problem.

I changed my X with E1 and remarked out E1 with a different controller board.

#define X_STEP_PIN                            36 //54
#define X_DIR_PIN                             34 //55
#define X_ENABLE_PIN                          30 //38
#ifndef X_CS_PIN
  #define X_CS_PIN                            44 //53

//#define E1_STEP_PIN                           36
//#define E1_DIR_PIN                            34
//#define E1_ENABLE_PIN                         30
//#ifndef E1_CS_PIN
  //#define E1_CS_PIN                           44

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