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Z axis lifting when printing next to bed edges

Posted by mattisafur 
Z axis lifting when printing next to bed edges
June 23, 2022 07:09PM

I've been having a problem when trying to print lines closer than around 50mm from the edges of the print bed.
the symptoms are that the z axis lifts and the printer prints the line mid-air, as if the printer tries to avoid collision with bed clips and such.

I suspect that the firmware might be the problem as I configured it myself and when previewing the print in the slicer (super slicer) the lines and travels display correctly.

does anyone have any idea for what causes the problem?

the config.h and config_adv.h files are attached to the post.

Thanks in advance,
open | download - Configuration.h (109.1 KB)
open | download - Configuration_adv.h (172 KB)
Re: Z axis lifting when printing next to bed edges
June 24, 2022 03:03AM
It is doing what you requested it to do....

#define UBL_Z_RAISE_WHEN_OFF_MESH 2.5 // When the nozzle is off the mesh, this value is used
                                          // as the Z-Height correction value.

you also have #define PROBING_MARGIN 10

so the 10m border around the bed is off mesh and Z start heading up to 2.5mm


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