Marlin 2.1.x on Ender-3 V2. Can't Update Screen Firmware
July 28, 2022 07:36PM
Hello all,

I apologize if this isn't a new issue.

I have successfully compiled Marlin, the 2.1.x branch, and applied the firmware to my Ender-3 V2. I am unable to upgrade the firmware on the screen. I have done the following:

Reread the instructions 3 times and followed them exactly.
Formatted my 8GB SD, using a Windows PC, as Fat32 with 4096 byte sectors and tried again.
Named the DWIN_SET folder differently for different attempts, DWIN_SET_2, DWIN_SET_3, etc.

In every case, the screen shows the Creality logo and then the very sparse but functional Marlin text menu. The screen does not turn blue and then orange. The printer starts and goes to a ready state.

I can print with Octoprint and the printer is dialed in pretty well.

I just can't get the screen working.

The printer motherboard is the stock 4.2.2 board.
The screen board is revision 1.3.
Octoprint is current.

Any assistance, or links to articles that reference this would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you,

Re: Marlin 2.1.x on Ender-3 V2. Can't Update Screen Firmware
July 28, 2022 11:22PM
You don't rename the required directory name, ever

There are 3 different versions of this display

[] (have requested they add the additional data below to this page)

All 3 require their custom files in different formats and use different directory names on the sdcard

First is DWIN uses the directory DWIN_SET
second is DACAI and uses the directory private
The 3rd, is a VIEWE and does not use a directory name files go into the sdcard root directory

Here is an example from creality of all 3 types.

Marlin only has full support for the first two types, the 3rd type the data format is unknown. and you can only use user interfaces that dont need additional display assets
And since its creality you cannot get any information out of them...

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Re: Marlin 2.1.x on Ender-3 V2. Can't Update Screen Firmware
July 29, 2022 01:46AM
Wow! Thank you.

I spent two days searching the Internet before I posted.

I really appreciate your assistance. Thank you so much!

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