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Marlin M122 (sg_result), SKR 2 with TMC2209s,

Posted by hcet14 
Marlin M122 (sg_result), SKR 2 with TMC2209s,
August 15, 2022 11:21AM
@admin: If you want, you can delete it. Feel free.

Please forget my question, see here Marlin issue 24372

Hello, my first post. I was just a reader until now.

I came into property of an Ender 3 clone (CTC A13). It's a piece of junk, but anyway. I'm an absolute rookie with Marlin and 3D printing. This question is addressed to SKR 2 owners with TMC drivers using UART.

I answered here Marlin issue 24372.

I also asked here SKR 2 issue 164, but didn't get an answer.

It might be a SKR issue!

TMC2209s and Cartesian printer with 4 steppers

If somebody is willing to help me, please try:

Please use M122 and look at these values (just an example) sg_result 206 16 58 86. Now, please hold/brake your y-axis and move it. Does the y-value changes? You have to use M122 again to read it out. Thanks in advance.

It's working on x, z, and e as expected. I swapped my TMC2209s around, but no difference. Y stays at 16! Please tell me your results. SKR 2 has a lot of hardware bugs, maybe it's caused by the board.

Thank you.

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open | download - config_Marlin-bugfix-2.1.x_220807_17_52.zip (89.4 KB)
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