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ULTRA_LCD (16x2 character display) incompatibility with Delta printer calibrations

Posted by idontseeit 
Hello everyone,

  • I am trying to compile Marlin v2.1.1 for a custom Delta printer controlled via a custom STM32F446RE-based board
  • I would like to use a standard 16x2 LCD character display (ULTRA_LCD as it is specified in Configuration.h)
  • I do not have a probe, so I enabled PROBE_MANUALLY

... but I'm getting several compilation errors related to the calibration features that I've enabled. I'm wondering if this is expected behavior because of the limited size of the LCD. Here are the following errors:

Marlin/src/HAL/STM32/../../inc/SanityCheck.h:1628:6: error: #error "DELTA_AUTO_CALIBRATION requires a probe or LCD Controller."
Marlin/src/HAL/STM32/../../inc/SanityCheck.h:1630:6: error: #error "DELTA_CALIBRATION_MENU requires an LCD Controller."

With a 16x2 LCD screen and manual probing, am I not able to use the Delta calibration (G33)? Is the 16x2 LCD not considered an LCD controller from Marlin's viewpoint? If this is the case, how exactly would I be able to calibrate the Delta printer in my situation? I attached the Configuration.h and Configuration_adv.h files just in case.

Thanks for your help!

EDIT: So I stumbled upon this post describing a manual Delta calibration, but I still would like to get the auto calibration option working (if possible) given my setup.

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open | download - Configuration.zip (92.4 KB)
The error message is too cryptic. It's looking for a graphical LCD such as the REPRAP_DISCOUNT_FULL_GRAPHIC_SMART_CONTROLLER.
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