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SKR Mini E3 V3 and MKS Mini 12864 V3 SD card problem

Posted by AlanCarvalho 
SKR Mini E3 V3 and MKS Mini 12864 V3 SD card problem
August 31, 2022 07:17AM

I'm building a custom 3D printer and facing a strange problem with the LCD SD card reader. The problem is that the LCD freezes when I click on "Print from media".

Motherboard: SKR Mini E3 V3 (https://github.com/bigtreetech/BIGTREETECH-SKR-mini-E3)
LCD screen: MKS Mini 12864 V3 (https://github.com/makerbase-mks/MKS-MINI12864-V3)
Firmware: Marlin 2.1.1

Marlin already has support for that hardware combination. But following the configurations shown in the Marlin files, the LCD SD card won't work. For me, it's an important feature to be able to print from the LCD SD card reader. That's why I've spent a lot of time trying to make it work.

I've already tried various wirings and Marlin configurations. I attached the wiring that gave me the best results so far.
My Marlin configuration files are also attached.

I changed my pins_BTT_SKR_MINI_E3_V3_0.h file to meet the #defines used in the pins_MKS_ROBIN_NANO_V3_common.h file (only changing the pins), since the MKS Mini 12864 V3 is compatible with the MKS Robin Nano V3.

For now, I only have the LCD connected to the motherboard (in order to isolate the problem).

Almost everything works as expected. I can navigate through all the menus on the LCD, the SD card is correctly detected, and everything seems to work, until I select "Print from media". At this point, the LCD seems to freeze. But the motherboard keeps working normally, it's just the LCD that doesn't seem to refresh anymore.

To make it go back to work, there are two ways:
1 - Remove the SD card. This way, the LCD goes back to the main menu and I can use it normally again;
2 - Keep clicking the LCD. At some point, it will give me the "Err: MINTEMP: Bed PRINTER HALTED" message, wich is expected, since the thermisthor is not connected.

One thing worth mentioning is that, if I connect to Repetier through USB, everything works fine and the LCD never freezes. It's not enough to have the USB cable connected, the connection with the host must be open.

As I've said before, I've already tried many wirings and firmware configurations. Already checked every cable. The SD card doesn't seem to be the problem, since the hardware can read it.

Does anyone have any idea of what can be happening? I've already spent MANY days trying to solve this problem and doesn't have any ideas anymore.

open | download - Wiring.png (60.4 KB)
open | download - Configuration.h (122.9 KB)
open | download - Configuration_adv.h (172.8 KB)
open | download - pins_BTT_SKR_MINI_E3_V3_0.h (16.8 KB)
Re: SKR Mini E3 V3 and MKS Mini 12864 V3 SD card problem
August 31, 2022 11:11AM
Does it still hang if you don't have the bed thermistor issue?

Setting TEMP_SENSOR_BED to 998 will make the system think the bed is always at 25C.

Long shot - enable SDCARD_SORT_ALPHA and set both SDSORT_USES_RAM & SDSORT_CACHE_NAMES to true. This will lessen the number of reads of the SD card.
Re: SKR Mini E3 V3 and MKS Mini 12864 V3 SD card problem
August 31, 2022 05:18PM
Man, you are a genius.
It worked.
This problem was making me crazy. Thank youvery much.
Re: SKR Mini E3 V3 and MKS Mini 12864 V3 SD card problem
December 09, 2022 07:42AM
Hi Alan,

I tried to copy your work yesterday because I´ve got the same setup. But I had no success.

Unfortunately I have no idea about all the programming, so the only thing I do is some stupd "copy&paste". thats why I need some help for troubleshooting.

the Display works fine, The SD Detect works fine too, but the board reads the Date from the onboard SD instead of the LCD SD. So if I put a SD in the LCD without a SD onboard, it says "Media init error".
If I put a Card in the onboard only, nothing happens.

If I have a SD in Onboard and put another SD (even an empty SD Card) in teh LCD, It opens the SD menu and reads the data from the SD which is plugged onboard.

that means at least my SD detect works fine smiling smiley

Im at work at the moment, so I will attach my Marlin Files ant the Pin.h later
Re: SKR Mini E3 V3 and MKS Mini 12864 V3 SD card problem
December 09, 2022 08:53AM
When you have two sd card slot you need to tell marlin which your using

   * Set this option to one of the following (or the board's defaults apply):
   *           LCD - Use the SD drive in the external LCD controller.
   *       ONBOARD - Use the SD drive on the control board.
   *  CUSTOM_CABLE - Use a custom cable to access the SD (as defined in a pins file).
   * :[ 'LCD', 'ONBOARD', 'CUSTOM_CABLE' ]
Re: SKR Mini E3 V3 and MKS Mini 12864 V3 SD card problem
December 09, 2022 09:19AM
I did set it to LCD, tried a lot yesterday but I dont know where my mistake is.
I just saw that my display is the fysetc 2.1, not the 3. might there be a difference? Can’t find something excepted the peeper
Here are my Files attached:

Edited 1 time(s). Last edit at 12/09/2022 11:08AM by DonRamon.
open | download - Configuration_adv.h (172.9 KB)
open | download - Configuration.h (123.2 KB)
open | download - pins_BTT_SKR_MINI_E3_V3_0.h (16.8 KB)
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