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Error - duplicate offset

Posted by cocosaubro 
Error - duplicate offset
September 05, 2022 06:49PM
The error occurs when moving the axes, leveling or printing a gcode, the displacement is incorrect, since the movements are increased by double, for example, if I give X displacement in 10 mm, it indicates that this was the displacement, but in reality offset was double at 20mm, double even though the screen says it was 10mm.
The above happens with all the axes, whenever they move they do it twice, this happens in the pre build firmware and in the manual build.

The bed measures 320mmx320mm and Z 400mm, but when leveling, moving the axes or printing a Gcode, the mm indicated on the screen only reaches half, but this is false, because the axes have already reached their limit and hit the base.

Performing the movements of the axes manually was when I saw that each mm is taken as if it were multiplied by two.

The error occurs on a Sunlu S8 motherboard + MKS Robin Nano V3.1 + TMC2209 Drivers.

Expected behavior
I expected it to move correctly, for example, by indicating that X moves 10mm it should move that distance, but it does not, it moves 20mm (twice as much), even though the screen indicates otherwise.

Actual behavior
When moving the axes it takes a double value, that is, if I indicate that X travels 10mm, it actually moves 20mm, even though the screen indicates otherwise.

Steps to Reproduce

  • Download Marlin.
  • Build it.
  • Install on the motherboard.

  • Download Marlin.
  • Install on the motherboard.

Version of Marlin Firmware

Printer model
Sunlu S8

MKS Nano Robin V3.1


open | download - Configuration.zip (91.6 KB)
Re: Error - duplicate offset
September 06, 2022 12:30AM
You have DEFAULT_AXIS_STEPS_PER_UNIT { 80, 80, 400, 500 } This is for a particular micro stepping

Your have TMC2209 so the micro stepping is set via UART from firmware to the stepper drivers.

You have #define X_MICROSTEPS 16 so the micro stepping should be set to 1/16th

Check you have no tmc errors with M122 gcode

IIf the firmware cannot talk to the stepper drivers over UART it cannot set the micro stepping and moves are out by 2,4 or 8 times
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