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Creality V2.2 and DGUS LCD Config

Posted by sajjsamm 
Creality V2.2 and DGUS LCD Config
September 06, 2022 07:56PM
I want to build Marlin from scratch for my setup which is an FYSETC DGUS LCD and my Creality V2.2 motherboard (MEGA2560)
I bought LCD here: [www.aliexpress.com]

I'm using Marlin V2.1.1 but when I uncomment "#define DGUS_LCD_UI_FYSETC" I get a compiling sanity check error stating "Serial Port 3 pin D14 and/or D15 conflicts with another pin on the board."

What is wrong?

P.S. I'm using this hardware for my homebrew 3D printer so the default Creality configured Marlin firmware for Ender series is useless for me.
Re: Creality V2.2 and DGUS LCD Config
September 06, 2022 08:27PM
You need to add #define LCD_SERIAL_PORT {0|1|2|3} To tell it where you plugged it in.

where the number is the serial uart port on your controller.

0 is normally the usb serial port
1 this also probably conflicts since its basically a ramps. same pins as Z-MIN and Z-MAX so cannot be used.
2 on aux4, avalable to use
3 you cant use as it conflicts with other pins. same pins as Y-MIN and Y-MAX so cannot be used.

It s probably #define LCD_SERIAL_PORT 2 , unless you have rewired the end stops to somewhere else and are using one of those.

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Re: Creality V2.2 and DGUS LCD Config
September 08, 2022 11:11AM
Thanks man, it worked like a charm!
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