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Cancelling a print.

Posted by rew 
Cancelling a print.
October 04, 2022 10:04AM
I've built a [not a 3D printer] that uses Marlin as its control engine. I'm using octoprint as host software.

Just now a "print" went wrong and I hit "cancel". Octoprint stops sending new commands, but there are a whole lot of buffered commands inside marlin. Is there a way to clear that buffer? I see temperature commands still going back and forth, so it is not as if the communications channel is fully blocked.

In my application moves are slow and long. slow = 1000mm/min and long is > 30cm. So say 10 queued commands could take about 3 minutes!

I understand that for 3D printing that is "unlikely" so the cancel is almost always near instantaneous, but a simple clear queue would work.

I've now found M108 and M112. M112 "requires a reset". I know how to do that on Klipper, but not for Marlin. How do I issue a "reset" ? I tried M108 and it still looks as if the M108 awaited its turn in the queue...
Re: Cancelling a print.
October 04, 2022 09:21PM
You need to enable EMERGENCY_PARSER
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