m810-819 documentation update needed reprap gcode wiki
October 11, 2022 01:25PM
hello, i've read a request to add 810-819 macro gcodes to reprap wiki and was wondering why marlin firmware group has not added it already.

from what i understand these codes are macros and do fit the description of miscellaneous, and so far seem to be compliant with gcode rules, however i'm looking into it a bit more.

it seems only marlin has this m810-m819 macro. is this a proprietary feature? I've looked on the marlin web site and i see reprap mentioned and the code listed as open sourced.

mcodes can be machine specific. if updating reprap wiki for m810-m819, this will make it standard for any firmware that implements macro feature to use m810-m19.

Ok thanks for any answers. I will look into it some more and make changes after oct16 if appropriate.
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