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MPCTEMP causing compile error void ExtUI::setBedPIDValues(const_float_t, const_float_t, const_float_t)

Posted by Candidquality 
marlin 2.1.1

gives this compile error:
Marlin\src\lcd\extui\ui_api.cpp: In function 'void ExtUI::setBedPIDValues(const_float_t, const_float_t, const_float_t)':
Marlin\src\lcd\extui\ui_api.cpp:1004:22: error: 'class Temperature' has no member named 'updatePID'

I am also unable to run the "M306 T" command in pronterface as it states "unknown command"
I did try setting the M306 P40 command first, but still an unknown command.

thought it might have been due to not turning on the setting in the config file, but if I can't compile it with the setting turned on, not sure how to get around it.

obviously not an important setting since it is experimental. just having fun in the settings and seeing what is possible.
Has been rewritten and fixed in bugfix
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