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Feature Request: Report current line number

Posted by PacMan 
Feature Request: Report current line number
January 23, 2023 02:13PM
I'd like to request a feature in Marlin, that it would be possible to get the line number for the line that is currently printing.
-This would of course include auto-report (a'la position-report).

This feature could be integrated in the current position report by adding an optional flag for the 114 command.
And there are two different line number types to report - the 'real-time' line number and the planned line number (refer to the 'R' flag).

I know that the line number will not be available when a printer is being controlled by software like OctoPrint or Cura, however, when printing from SD-card, it would be helpful in monitoring the current position.

When printing, it's "likely" possible to get a position and find the line number - but it's not 100% safe, because the print head might move to this position several times during the print.
Even worse, when CNC-routing, there cutter will definitely reach the same position several times, sometimes with different tools.
Laser CNC cutters will also come across the same position several times during the job.

The current line number could be reported on the display. Even if the controlling software is sending the G-code one line at a time, because then one could have a variable holding the line number (reset when the job begins, incrementing on each line sent).
This, however, would require that empty lines will be sent (either completely empty or just a '#').

The line number feature could be used for monitoring SD-card prints or CNC-routing done from SD-card on a computer connected to the device.
It would also be helpful in continuing from a power failure, so that one would not have to guess which line number was last sent to the device.
-But it would also be helpful if a line is causing problems; then it would be very easy to find out what is going wrong.
Re: Feature Request: Report current line number
January 23, 2023 07:43PM
The best place to make this request is on Marlin's feature request page.
Re: Feature Request: Report current line number
January 24, 2023 11:42AM
Thank you for the quick reply, it's much appreciated. smiling smiley

Unfortunately, my OpenID account was shut down a few years ago, and I no longer have "GitHub access", it'd be too problematic for me to get a new OpenID account, especially because I'm on an old web-browser which is no longer compatible with the "modern stuff".

-But I hope that someone will be able to use my input anyway. winking smiley
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