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Saving Babysteps to M206

Posted by SlickNickeL 
Saving Babysteps to M206
February 17, 2023 12:01AM
This is for 3 head Manufacturing printers producing 3 prints at one time.
1. We don’t use a probe of any kind.
2. We use a fixed Z optical sensor that is perfectly aligned with our fixed Reference Point screw for leveling. This screw is NEVER moved, once it is aligned with the Z optical -0- representing Z=0 bed & print head.
3. The remaining 2 adjusters PITCH AND ROLL are used to align with the Reference Point creating our level plane.

We don’t need M851 since we don’t have a probe (and it doesn’t add the babysteps “bug”no matter what I do)

All we have left is Babystepping enabled in con.adv and it will not save adjustments to EEPROM.

When we use some filament types and +-8 deg ambient temp change we have to adjust our first layer. Usually the manufacturing floor stays consistent once temps are reached per season. We use M206 adjustments to adjust the first layer. How can we save this with a simple settings “save” to M206 for the next print set using Babystepping?
I simply don’t see why an adjusted babystepping can’t be saved directly to the machines EEPROM. M851 still has the bug.
M206 for Z would be a perfect way to store the new sett Z height settings. M206 is opposite of Babystepping units. M206 positive values will decrease head hight from bed to where Babystepping -negative numbers decrease head hight from bed.
Any ideas for code? I really don’t want to incorporate this into the SD file. We did this in Repetier with no problem. Made the micro change (offline) applied the offset, it would re-home and store the new value.
Re: Saving Babysteps to M206
February 17, 2023 12:07PM
Try playing with BABYSTEP_ZPROBE_OFFSET enabled. The comments imply that that the Z part of NOZZLE_TO_PROBE_OFFSET is now affected which, if true, means that a M500 will save the new Z offset.
Re: Saving Babysteps to M206
February 17, 2023 01:09PM
I saw a previous post from you, on this and I tried it and it didn’t work. I’m using duplication mode and M218 comes into play.
I tried manual probe enabled and babystep_zprobe_offset on, and the values from Babystepping were saved into M851. Problem is, these values aren’t being set after being saved. They store to M851 but that’s it.
Here is where I think the problem is. M218 .Hotend offsets. I’m using Duplication mode for 3 heads. Two show up T1 & T2 for the Z offset. Each one is set at 0 because in duplication mode, all information is cloned from T0 to T1&T2, so there is no need to have the hardware control these settings.
There still needs to be a way to set a universal offset to T0 Z+- Since T1&T2 are fixed, it doesn’t matter what their Z values are.

It is my understanding through testing, the Z probe offset and babystep settings place the value in M851 but have no effect in the initialization of a print if using duplication mode. This would be correct since you can’t use any type of autoleveling, bedleveling on a 3 head machine. Just one Zoffset is needed for all 3 heads.

I can do this through M206, but I have to connect and set using a computer interface.

This is addressed at Universal Z offset setting #18987

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Re: Saving Babysteps to M206
February 17, 2023 08:10PM
Repetier has a screen that allows the user to set different bed thickness coatings. It then has an addition setting called custom bed coating, where the user can provide a positive or negative number and it creates the permanent offset. It acts like a M206 command and permanently changes the head offset to the bed.

So far, all I can do with Marlin is manually set the Z head height is M206 and run a test. Problem is, I have to be connect to the machine with a surface pro which is a real pain. This needs to be a user interface through LCD.
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