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Issues with homing

Posted by lordhikari 
Issues with homing
March 09, 2023 02:09AM
My 3d printer (low cost) show bluescreen when working (homing or after homing). Randoms stuck in a bluescreen and after random pixels appears on display, i include pictures of problem.
I dont have idea about whats happening, someone can try help me ? I have a video if necessary of my print stucking if necessary i up in youtube.
Anyone have some idea ?

I try Marlin-1.1.x, Marlin- and Marlin-2.1.2.
Setup: drivers a4988, ramps 1.4 and Arduino mega 2560.

And try use vscode and arduino ide to compile marlin, nothing resolve.

In Youtube a video from another guy with same problem but without solution.


If anyone has a minimal idea or suggestion i'm list and if u can't help, please.

Ty all

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Re: Issues with homing
March 09, 2023 02:59AM
Does it actually home then the screen goes blank? If so your endstop is shorting gnd and 5v
Re: Issues with homing
March 09, 2023 03:05AM
I have an endstop reserve here, I will carry out some tests and check, thank you in advance for the suggestion and return when I check. If it is not the endstop, is it possible to be the arduino or the ramps?
Re: Issues with homing
March 09, 2023 05:07AM
Tests done, endstops normal but my mega2560 rur 117-5 burned, i verify and voltage are wrong and oscilating, i try replace and back with results.
Re: Issues with homing
March 23, 2023 07:27PM
After many struggles and tests, i finally discovered that my 3d lcd panel was responsible for all the problems I encountered. I tried to change the arduino, ramps, drivers and nothing solved, until I disconected the lcd panel and used the repetier-host to control and print directly by usb.

Hope this helps someone who struggles with the same problem, as I didn't find nothing about this problem, anyone with same or someone that could help.

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