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Cancelling extruder thermistor input.

Posted by rrbardsley 
Cancelling extruder thermistor input.
May 02, 2023 12:25AM
I have a SKR Pro 1.2 board with Marlin code. Setup from MP CNC firmware. This is set for a 3D printer and the touch screen works for all movements. I have added a paste applicator that uses the extruder stepper motor to apply the paste. The firmware is checking for a signal for the hot end temperatures. I want the extruder to run without checking for temperature. I am not experienced in writing the Marlin code and reflashing the firmware. Can I add a resistor to fool the thermistor or a code that stops the firmware checking?
Re: Cancelling extruder thermistor input.
May 02, 2023 01:52AM
... IIRC, when starting with my paste-jetters, I've set the min-temp to 5 degC and "faked" the thermistor with a 100 Ohm resistor ... after this, the next step was to reflash the firmware ...

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Re: Cancelling extruder thermistor input.
May 09, 2023 08:25PM
You can also set TEMP_SENSOR_0 to 998 and then set DUMMY_THERMISTOR_998_VALUE to what you want.
Re: Cancelling extruder thermistor input.
May 09, 2023 11:17PM
You might want to have a read of [github.com]

So in bugfix it is now as as simple as setting TEMP_SENSOR_0 0, and all the extruder thermistor code is removed
Re: Cancelling extruder thermistor input.
May 10, 2023 01:27PM
Thanks for your help.. I am sitting with a New SKR pro 1.2 board I bought from MP cnc V1 Engineer pre loaded with Marlin. Without the chip I don’t know how to make changes
based on changes that are required. I have Marlin, Repetier, Arduino and Laser gcode on my computer but don’t know what to do with out the original program? Will a USB connection work for code changes? I’m not sure if I can connect thru the USB and my computer.. any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
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