Evolution to PRO for a Dagoma Ultimate V2 TMC
October 29, 2023 07:59AM

I'm looking for help.
I have a 3D Printer called Dagoma Ultimate V2 TMC
It's based on Ramps and have 5 integrated TMC 2209
They call this board D6
(see D6 Board.png)

and on their Web page they say they rely on Marlin V2.x.
This Printer is limited to 200x200x200 and can have 2 extruders (Bi color Mode)
There is a bed leveling but no bed heating.

I have a project to upgrade it to 300x300x300 with a Tactil Screen MKS TFT35 and a bed Heater
But I need information of the Board and source code.

I can't find anything on the Marlin site.
Only something on previous F5 Board.
(see Marlin's info.png)

Is this board is on open source ?
Where can I can the original information (software & Hardware) in order for me to be able to upgrade it.



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Re: Evolution to PRO for a Dagoma Ultimate V2 TMC
October 29, 2023 09:49AM
just another undocumented controller

Things Ive found "The main evolution from the F5 to the D6 is the use of TMC2209 drivers instead of A5984 drivers." from [github.com]

you can check various pins in the kipper config

But it looks like you will have to start from scratch to get marlin on it
Re: Evolution to PRO for a Dagoma Ultimate V2 TMC
November 01, 2023 01:01PM
I've found source code for Dagoma's F5 Board on Dagoma's Github

It should be easier than starting from scratch.
Something strange about compiling, they tell us to use FYSECT_F6 plateformio environment instead of using DAGOMA_F5 ?


I will install VS Code and every thing around it (platformio, makefile, python ...).

I see that this code is based on Marlin,
Do you have any advice to start on it ?
Shall I start to update it on ?
I've seen also Auto Build Marlin, do you thing it'll be compatible ?



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