Enable multi probing methods on two separate axes
December 27, 2023 03:00PM
Hello everyone
I use Marlin firmware for a device with 4 linear axes + 1 rotary axis. The linear axes are named XYZU respectively. U axis is a linear axis parallel to Z axis. A syringe is installed on the Z axis of the machine, whose task is to inject certain substances on the objects placed on the table of the machine. Using a fixed probe made by myself, the tip of the syringe needle is detected, and I have started this option by activating the fixed probe in Marlin and specifying one of the GPIO pins for the signal. " G38.2 " is the proper command for this purpose .

Now, to detect the surface of the object mounted on the table along the Z axis, I use the U axis, on which the BLTouch is installed, and the difference in the thickness of the objects is supposed to be calculated using this equipment. But in the Marlin settings, I could not set up the BLTouch sensor for the U axis. Does anyone have any suggestions or ideas for this??

for more detail , I have a PC app which is designed for controlling the robot by image processing . This app can find the center of tool head ( installed syringe on Z axis ) and by probing it , the height will calculate as well . After detecting the object surface , App can generate path and send them to MKS MONSTER8 motherboard .

Thanks for your attention .

Motherboard: MKS Monster8 V2.0
open | download - schematic of device.jpg (129.4 KB)
open | download - Configuration.h (130.3 KB)
open | download - Configuration_adv.h (180.3 KB)
Re: Enable multi probing methods on two separate axes
January 03, 2024 03:35PM
Anyone doesn't have any idea about this issue ?
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