Manual Probing in Ender 5 Plus (Turning off BL Touch)
January 12, 2024 10:03PM
Bug Description:
After switching from BLTouch to manual probing in the Marlin configuration for an Ender 5 Plus, the printer bed continuously rises during the homing process, leading to a collision with the nozzle. This behavior persists despite the BLTouch being disabled and Auto Bed Leveling (ABL) turned off in the configuration. The BLTouch device has also been physically disconnected from the board.

Configuration Files:


Disabled BLTouch and Auto Bed Leveling in configuration files.
Configured stepper drivers to TMC2208 to accommodate the Creality Silent Board 2.2.
Steps to Reproduce:

Disable BLTouch and enable Manual Probing in the Marlin configuration files for the Ender 5 Plus.
Power on the printer and initiate the Homing process.
Expected Behavior:
The printer should home correctly, stopping at Z=0 without causing a collision, and allow manual bed leveling.

Actual Behavior:
The bed continuously moves upwards during homing, resulting in a collision with the nozzle. The movement does not cease unless the printer is powered off manually.

Additional Information:

The issue persists even after confirming the correct disconnection of BLTouch hardware.

I have been using this version of Marlin:
Please let me know if I should include something else.

I also commented these out, because they didn't let me compile:

lines 3987-3988

// #elif !HAS_BED_PROBE
// #error "DGUS_LCD_UI RELOADED requires a bed probe."
lines 3993-3994


I would appreciate any help with sorting this problem. My BL touch is broken and it's gonna take some time until I get a new one... In the meantime, my only option (and goal) is to do manual probing. Currently, there is no method or firmware for Ender 5 Plus Without BL Tocuh.
Thank you for reading
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Re: Manual Probing in Ender 5 Plus (Turning off BL Touch)
January 12, 2024 10:17PM
Is one of those scatter gun users
Has posted to this github, and marlin discord, and probably other places too
Is being answered on discord.

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