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Giant custom SCARA - G1 movement issues/inconsistency

Posted by brjodaro 
Giant custom SCARA - G1 movement issues/inconsistency
March 05, 2024 06:16PM
Hi everyone, I've been working on an issue for days and could really use some help! I've built a custom SCARA printer for a demonstration at an art gallery later this month and it's gone fairly smoothly, but I've run into an issue trying to get G1 commands to work. I'll attach my config and scara.h (I did some simply custom kinematics). So far what I've deduced is that whenever the calculate_trapezoid_for_block() function is called, it's creating an acceleration and deceleration ramp, even if a block ought to be pure accel, pure decel, or a cruise. The speeds being given to the function also seem to oscillate/behave strangely. The motion of the printer reflects this exactly; it comes to a complete (or near complete) stop in between each block movement. I've tried all sorts of acceleration and jerk settings, I reduced MINIMAL_STEP_RATE to 1 (I think this is ok with a 32-bit timer?), and played with every setting I could think of, but nothing seems to have an effect.

One possibly relevant note is that this printer is very big (1200mm links), so I'm wondering if that's a factor.

Any tips on what I can dig into? I've added every printout statement I can think of but I'm not getting closer to an answer. Help would be DEEPLY appreciated!
open | download - Configuration.h (82.3 KB)
open | download - Configuration_adv.h (123 KB)
open | download - scara.cpp (4.8 KB)
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