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Tune menu Bed Z value step

Posted by GadgetChris 
Tune menu Bed Z value step
March 17, 2024 05:29PM
Running Marlin 2.1.2 on an Ender 3 Pro, I would like to increase the tuning steps ten fold. Currently the knob increases the Z offset in 1/1000 mm increments, I would like it to be 1/100.
Where would I need to modify that in the code?
From what I glanced in the code it the variable bedlevel.z_offset.

Thank you, Chris

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Ender 3 Pro with SRK mini E3 V2
Marlin 2.1.2
Re: Tune menu Bed Z value step
March 21, 2024 06:45AM
If you mean the babystepping for Z offset
It is in configuration_adv.h

#define BABYSTEP_MULTIPLICATOR_Z 25 // (steps or mm) Steps or millimeter distance for each Z babystep
Re: Tune menu Bed Z value step
March 23, 2024 01:04PM
Thanks, I will give that a try, and see if it gives the anticipated result...
Re: Tune menu Bed Z value step
March 24, 2024 02:39PM
I don't have BABYSTEPPING enabled.
And as such the BABYSTEP_MULTIPLICATOR_Z is not enabled.
I'm looking for the parameters for the Tune menu.
But cannot find any in either Configuration.h or Configuration_adv.h, nor in other source code with my noob eye.

It should be defined somewhere, right?

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