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MARLIN, Geeetech GT2560 A+, pinning wrong?!?

Posted by CBX.Micha 
MARLIN, Geeetech GT2560 A+, pinning wrong?!?
May 28, 2024 11:23AM
Hello, dear people,

I am currently trying to use the unused port HotEnd 2 (Heater2) for lighting purposes.
According to the existing circuit diagram of the board, the power amplifier for H2 is connected to CPU pin 7 (PE5, PWM2).
But that can't actually be the case, because in pins_GT2560_REV_A.h (included by pins GT2560 REV_A_PLUS.h), PIN7 is intended for fan0 and H2 is supposedly connected to PIN3.

I have now commented out #define HEATER_1_PIN 3 in pins_GT2560_REV_A.h and set #define CASE_LIGHT_PIN 3 in Configuration_adv.h.

It don't crash when compiling, but it doesn't work either...

Do I have the wrong circuit diagram of the board here? It seems so...
But even if... In the pinning for the board, PIN3 is originally set for the second HotEnd; so it should work...

What am I missing here?

Crazy moody smiley ... Light goes on if I set P to 255 / 100% and goes off at 99% / less then 255. but Heater2 is also a PWM like Heater1...

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