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Problems with BLtouch

Posted by RDoull 
Problems with BLtouch
June 21, 2024 10:45AM
HI All,

Firstly I'm totally new to editing Marlin This is my first attempt.

I'm trying to update my Ender 5 Pro, it has a Creality V4.2.2 board and a CRTouch.

I've downloaded the Marlin Bugfix 2.1.x files and the latest Configurations-bugfix-2.1.x selected the 4 files for the creality ender 5 pro, crealityV422 and copied them into the Marlin folder.

I've enabled "#define ENDER5_USE_BLTOUCH"

compiled and installed it onto the 3D printer, but when I try to home the machine the x & y work fine, but the Z just causes the bed to lower, the head to go to the centre and the probe on the BL touch to deploy and stow a few times without moving the Z axis then it just stops.

I know I must be missing something but I've spent close to a day searching google and here for some info but it's hard to find something when you don't know what to look for.

any help is greatly appreciated

Thank you
open | download - Configuration.h (135.5 KB)
open | download - Configuration_adv.h (187.3 KB)
Re: Problems with BLtouch
June 21, 2024 12:25PM

this line says you plugged the CRTouch into the Z_MIN endstop plug

Did you do this or did you plug it into the 5 pin bltouch plug?

If you plugged it into the 5 pin bltouch port you need to comment out //#define Z_MIN_PROBE_USES_Z_MIN_ENDSTOP_PIN
Re: Problems with BLtouch
June 21, 2024 12:53PM
Got it..

followed this guide and got it working

Re: Problems with BLtouch
June 21, 2024 12:56PM
Thanks Dust, got it working and yup that was it.. didn't know why but it's working :-) thank you for the explanation at least now I also know why :-)
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