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Trouble with USB Connection

Posted by SpiderSpartan117 
Trouble with USB Connection
June 22, 2024 11:04PM
I'm trying to get Octoprint (or anything at this point) to connect to my SKR2 running Marlin on a new machine. The only difference between this setup and previous ones is, I've got a BTT MINI12864 V2 using the EXP1 and EXP2 ports on the SKR2, vs the CR10 display that only used one of them.

I've tried different USB cables, a couple of different SKR2 boards (running the same firmware), a couple of raspberry pies and my PC. They always sense when I plug the SKR2 in, but can't make the actual communications connection. I've attached my config files here and would greatly appreciate any advice here. Thank you.

Re: Trouble with USB Connection
June 23, 2024 01:29AM
The only serial port you have enabled is the TFT connector (ie #define SERIAL_PORT 1)

This board has 3 serial ports

-1 this is the USB cable
1 this is the TFT port
3 this is the WIFI port

remove the // from
//#define SERIAL_PORT_2 -1
to enable the USB port

Or of your not actually using the tft port change #define SERIAL_PORT 1 to #define SERIAL_PORT -1

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Re: Trouble with USB Connection
June 23, 2024 09:32AM
THANK YOU! This got me connected. I went back and looked at the firmware for my other machine and it does indeed have SERIAL_PORT_2 -1 enabled. I was too focused on the first port and I've been fighting too many other things on this machine, afraid my brains turned to mush.
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