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Fan configuration help

Posted by SpiderSpartan117 
Fan configuration help
June 23, 2024 06:01PM
I'm setting up a custom laser machine using an skr2 control board and I think the final config in trying to figure out is the fans/laser ports/pins.

I'm trying to use 3-4 fans ports as follows:
PB5 (fan2) laser pwm
PB6 (fan1) laser cooling fan (+maybe air assist)
PB7 (fan0) case/controller auto fan
PE5 (servo) alternate air assist with external mosfet possibly

When I try to set the CONTROLLER_FAN_PIN to PB7 I get the error CONTROLLER_FAN_PIN cannot be FAN_PIN. How do I tell Marlin I don't need a part cooling fan? Or should I just set the laser cooling fan to FAN_PIN somehow?
Re: Fan configuration help
June 23, 2024 06:54PM
Config files attached for reference.
open | download - Configuration.h (124.1 KB)
open | download - Configuration_adv.h (173.3 KB)
Re: Fan configuration help
June 24, 2024 02:59AM
add #define FAN_PIN -1 to your Configuration.h
Note this is #define FAN0_PIN -1 in more up to date code.
Re: Fan configuration help
June 24, 2024 08:44AM
Thank you for the reply. For some reason setting FAN_PIN -1 in configuration.h gave me errors in stepper.cpp (error: 'class Planner' has no member named 'sync_fan_speeds' AND error: 'block_t' {aka 'struct PlannerBlock'} has no member named 'fan_speed'). Instead I set FAN_PIN 0 and it appears to be working. I appreciate the help.
Re: Fan configuration help
June 24, 2024 10:11AM
you have #define LASER_SYNCHRONOUS_M106_M107

Which is fan_pin control, your not using a laser on the fan_pins so disable this.

Setting fan_pin to 0 conflicts with PA0 ie E1_DIAG_PIN
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