TMC2100 vs. TMC2660
July 17, 2016 07:02PM

My engineer/electrician is unavailable at the moment. I am attempting to understand these two chips. I have linked the datasheets for both and I have been wading through them myself.

- the TMC2100 is on the SilentStepStick and would be used in conjuction with the Duet 0.8.5 and RADDS TMC2100

- the TMC2660 in on the new Duet Wifi TMC2660

Both chips sport company jargon labels like microPlyer™, stealthChop™ and spreadCycle™ for the TMC2100 and stallGuard2™, coolStep™, microPlyer™ and spreadCycle™ for the TMC2660

For this scenario the two configurations would be implemented on a medium sized desktop printer and cost is not a factor.

My questions are, given this scenario:

1) Would there be a significant difference in performance?
2) Is their architecture and feature set different enough that one stands out over the other?
3) Has anyone ever had direct comparison of the performance of these two setups.

For these questions my focus would mainly be on printer performance as defined by speed, accuracy and resolution. Secondarily would be noise, WiFi vs Ethernet, etc.


Re: TMC2100 vs. TMC2660
July 21, 2016 01:07PM
A quick glance at the data sheets, tells me that one chip is good for 1.2 amps (2100 chip). And the other chip is good for 4 amps. (2600 chip). This will determine the size of motor, and torque output you can have from your Motors.
Re: TMC2100 vs. TMC2660
July 21, 2016 04:49PM
To be honest, if you care about speed accuracy and resolution but not noise, then the older A4982 or A4988 will work just fine, provided you choose appropriate stepper motors for them. The mechanical build and to a lesser extent the firmware will determine the accuracy and resolution, and those plus the motor type and supply voltage will determine the maximum speed.

Apart from the different voltage and current ratings, the main difference between the TMC2100 and 2660 is that the 2660 is more controllable because it provides an SPI interface for the processor to communicate with it.

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