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IR Probe PEI

Posted by clearlynotstefan 
IR Probe PEI
December 19, 2016 08:12PM
Posting here cuz most relevant.

David, I've read your posts re: Pei and your IR probe with the bbq paint. Sounds messy and I worry about the paint separating from the PEI under heat. What about a layer of blue tape under the pei but on top of the glass?

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Re: IR Probe PEI
December 20, 2016 03:02PM
I've never had a problem with the paint separating form the PEI, although I mostly run the bed at 70C and only occasionally at 110C. I cleaned the PEI with isopropanol before I applied the spray paint.

The problem with using something dark below the PEI is that the PEI sheet is flexible so it needs to be stuck down with adhesive, and the reflection from the adhesive is likely to be strong and not uniform.

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