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PanelDue jittery graphics

Posted by Legrand 
PanelDue jittery graphics
December 22, 2016 07:16AM
So I have a couple of PanelDues, both purchased from Filastruder. I purchased the displays, the Duets and the cables for a couple of setups at different times. The first setup I received has no issues (other than that they miswired the cable). With the second set, all the graphics are jittery, like there's some sort of interference. The cable on the first set has a round cover, but it doesn't really look like there's any shielding in it. The second (jittery text one) is just a regular flat ribbon cable.

Any ideas where this interference might be coming from? I have both units plugged into the same power strip so I don't think it's coming from there, and they're about 4 ft apart, with no other electronics any closer to one than the other.
Re: PanelDue jittery graphics
December 23, 2016 12:00AM
It has nothing to do with the cable, that's just serial data and doesn't drive the display.

What happens when you touch the flat ribbon cable connector on the backside of the display?

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