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LCD display with duet wifi

Posted by anvoice 
LCD display with duet wifi
January 31, 2017 10:36PM

Wish to upgrade from ramps to the duet wifi, but wondering if the duet supports other LCDs besides the panelDue? Hoping to use a third party screen with the board if possible, e.g. the raspberry pi lcd touchscreen.
Re: LCD display with duet wifi
February 01, 2017 02:26AM
AFAIK the standard answer is :Yes, RRF is an open source firmware and you can program your own LCD anytime sad smiley
Fact is, there is no other LCD implemented ATM.
Re: LCD display with duet wifi
February 01, 2017 05:57AM
You can use the PanelDue display controller with compatible 4.3, 5 and 7 inch touch screens. Currently there is no support for other LCDs.

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Re: LCD display with duet wifi
February 02, 2017 03:56PM
My thought, though I have yet to try this, is to re-use an old cellphone or tablet as the display for my printer. No need to wire directly to the Duet board as I can just connect via the web interface. You also might be able to use a RPi Zero with the linked touch screen display, allowing you to use it for a web interface for just a few dollars more.
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